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name: Frankienickname: Aki

pronouns: (eng) he/they/it
(pl) on/jego/to/tego

15/02/2006 (18 years old)

likes and hobbies: games, cartoons, popculture in general, TTRPGs, drawing, making bracelets, going on concerts and to the theatres, learning about underground communities and internet culture. also i'm mlp and mh collector (G3 RULES!!!)

dislikes: loud noises, small talk, bad people, ignorants, everyone that is included in DNI section

DNI: abusers, pedos, lolicons, shotacons, rapist, zoos, chasers, any queerphobes, sexists, fatphobes, racists, ableists, nazis, fascist, zionists, pro-putin, etc. and also "your boyfriend" game fans, MH G3 antis, people that buying fake merch stolen from small businesses, people extracting content from underground communities, fujoshis, yuri (genre) fans, people who use AI for "art" memes or trends

my ultimate, huge playlist

bisexual, nonbirnary, demiboy, in relationship.
legally changed name since 09/05/2023, on T since 15/06/2023, top surgery planned for 24/06/2024
satanist ⛧
not a human.

host of a "Chat" system